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The Heureka Music Agency has been in the service of its customers since 2010. The musical talent booking and production agency’s main profile is providing musical performances via mediation, but it also deals with creating productions of different styles and volumes for stage, the screen or events. The past seven years’ best productions include:

  • The Best FilMusic Songs - a live concert at the Margaret Island Open-Air Stage in 2017,
  • the Volvo Symphonic: launching the latest model of Volvo XC 40 in Bálna, in cooperation with the Special Event event organizing agency,
  • Stochelo Rosenberg & Friends: Stochelo Rosenberg, the world-famous guitar virtuoso’s concert, who was accompanied by the Swing à la Django orchestra and Roby Lakatos on the stage at the Margaret Island Open-Air Stage,
  • Mark Ronson's performance at the Miller Music Amplified event in Budapest.

In the past two years, the agency has presented a vast array of symphonic productions with their own orchestra. The Heureka Pop Orchestra has routinely assisted many bands to boost their songs using the monumental qualities of a full symphony orchestra.

Our agency undertakes also complete implementation of film score recordings.


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