Although Iamyank started as a solo artist with projects using only electronic tools, his work path can not be easily defined in the past few years. It is a rather constant change and experimentation. “Listening to the inner voice” most typically explains the state of his current work.

His first album called "Hiraeth" debuted in 2016. With thism the addition of orchestral accompanyment made his songs even-the-more vibrant. After the debut, he went into solitary for a while in an attempt to find new ways, possibilities and the tools necessary. Then he started his experimental ambient project, known as "Atreyu’s Horse". The essence of the new sound roots itself in the use of classical instrumentation, such as the piano, violoncello and viola. The modulating sounds of the electronic keyboard and electronic effects gently sit on the pillow created by a “film music”-like texture of the classical instruments.






CEO, Art Director
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Franciska GÁLL

Office Manager, Booking
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Ráhel RÁCZ

Filmmusic & creative management


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