Honeybeast Symphoney

Honeybeast presents “Symphoney”, a musical show where one can enjoy the Band’s classic tunes with a Symphonic Orchestra twist. The support of strings and a joyful choir are made to deliver an unforgettable experience.

“On this show, we concentrate on the music experience, the sound, instead of the party atmosphere of a riotous rock concert. We would like to give a permanent musical and visual experience to our audience. Also, we would like to thank you for the support of this project, which is the biggest in our history so far. Besides our classic pieces, the audience can hear a few more “intimate” songs that we don’t play on tour or at any concert other than Symphoney” – the song writer of the band, Zoltán Bencsik-Kovács.

The band places heavy emphasis on both the visual and sound technique, also including a few surprises. The classic tunes are performed using the fusion of the choir and the symphonic orchestra, along with other electronic instruments which add a special touch. Moreover, the vocals and unique theatrical presence of Zsófia Tarján, the frontwoman and leader of Honeybeast, guarantees a rich musical experience.