Sixtones Acappella Quartet

Sixtones was established in 2012 in Budapest, Hungary. Prior to having formed the group dedicated to acappella music, the four young singers have been working together in a classical choir for years. Choral singing had its beauties, but the singers of Sixtones wanted a new challenge: working in a much smaller, more dynamic format and mindset, and exploring a wide range of genres in the meantime.

The only limiting factor to acappella music is this: there can be no musical instruments involved. That still leaves a wide berth of musical styles and categories to delve into, and Sixtones do just that: over the years, a varied repertoire has been compiled. Jazz standards, movie soundtracks, barbershop pieces, gospel songs, international pop hits, 20s jazz numbers from Hungary, and classical pieces of multiple periods as well. This variety of focus is at the core of Sixtones acappella group.

The group has been performing in Hungary regularly since 2012 and has participated in workshops led by experts of the international acappella scene such as Miklós Németh, Peder Karlsson, or Anders Jalkéus. Sixtones also participated in a number of international acappella competitions such as VokalTotal at Graz, Austria, or Fool Moon International Acapella festival in Szeged, Hungary.