Soundtrack recording

The agency employs an armada of musical apparatus, including 80 strings-, 45 brass- and 37 wind instruments, a complete percussion ensemble (Talamba), a pop-rock section, a choir, children’s choir, adult choir and unique folk instrumentation on request.

All you have to do is choose the instrumentation and structure of the orchestra. Of course, if you require, we can also help you arrange the instrumentation that best fits your movie/project.

The Heureka Pop Orchestra has worked with artists like Mark Ronson, Andrea Rost, Lotfy Begi, Stochelo Rosenberg, Roby Lakatos, etc. Hungary’s leading banks can also be found among our clients: OTP Bank, Erste Bank and Takarékbank.

We have also done symphonic tours of the most famous Hungarian pop bands, including Honeybeast, Margaret Island, Bagossy Brothers Company, Brains, Magashegyi Underground, Anna and the Barbies, etc.
Over the past 2 years, Heureka Pop Orchestra has given over 120 concerts that have been applauded by over 150,000 people. Every member of the Heureka Pop Orchestra does proudly hold a master diploma and they all play in the best symphonic orchestras of Hungary. They have also worked on various studio recordings in the past 15 years.
We successfully work together with the Pannónia Hangstúdió, the studio of György Mohai – lead sound engineer – who has worked on Oscar nominated movies for many years. This collaboration guarantees that recordings made with us match the international quality standards and requirements.
In addition, there is a possibility to make “Online – Live” recordings where the composer and the producer/music manager can follow the process online regardless of their actual physical location.

The studio recordings may last up to 8 hours per day with one lunch break and a 15 minutes break every 2 hours. According to your need, we would be happy to arrange the transfer from the airport and/or your accommodations in Budapest.
Our agency has worked together with the internationally acknowledged and awarded producer Adam Balazs, who created the music of the both Oscar nominated and Oscar winning movie “Sing”, directed by Kristóf Deák, and also the Golden Globe winner “On Body and Soul”, directed by Ildikó Enyedi.
Our agency undertakes complete implementation of film score recordings. We recruit musicians and arrange every necessity to meet the specific requirements of your movie. 

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