Symphonic productions

The founder and leader of the Heureka Music Agency, Pál Lombos has presented a vast array of symphonic productions since 2009.

Since 2009, he has acquired all the skills and knowledge that of which a professional Pop Orchestral performance requires. He has also created the Heureka Pop Orchestra. The Heureka Orchestra has routinely assisted many bands to boost their songs using the monumental qualities of a full symphony orchestra.
The knowledge and skills of Pál Lombos are reinforced with a dedicated conductor, László Grünwald, and with the help of György Philipp who makes the transcriptions for the orchestra.
This trio of the gentlemen, together with the highly qualified musicians, guarantee the creation and execution of a professional performance.
If you think your band is ready to try something new, or if you would like to surprise your audience with a fresh atmosphere, giving your songs a heightened sensuality or “giant” sound, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to assist you in everything from brainstorming to execution.
Our professional team is one of the best in Hungary. We have worked together with many famous bands such as Honeybeast, Margaret Island, Brains, Magashegyi Underground, Anna and the Barbies, Blahalousiana, Otp, Special Evant, Well Hello etc.

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