The Best FilMusic Songs

There are theme songs which not only make us sing and turn up the volume on our radio, but also make us remember the most iconic film scenes.
When Maniac is on, we immediately visualize Jennifer Beals from “Flashdance”training in her leggings, while I Had the Time of My Life conjures images of that “Dirty Dancing” that Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey performed in front of a shocked audience. But our mind’s eye also projects Rocky training to “Eye of the Tiger” or Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio being Kings and Queen of the world to Celine Dion’s famous “My Heart Will Go On”. These songs became hits together with their films and now they are inseparable from their visual counterparts.
We can hear the most popular film hits in specially commissioned, symphonic orchestration. The popular theme songs are performed by some of Hungary’s biggest singing sensations, who are accompanied by the unique rock/symphonic hybrid ensemble. The songs are delivered together with montages inspired by the films they come from.

Guest starring: Kozma Orsi, Herrer Sári, Szabó Ádám, Magyar Bálint, Magyar Bori, Torres Dani